Friday, August 8, 2008

Your Own Atom Business Albeit it in Minutes

who’s the wiseass who automated me?

I was only asleep for the demodulation

dreaming of Malvina Longfellow in Moth and Rust

might have been Jessica Alba with her raging climatic

time to get hyper-professional

stop with the tease I took a demure seminar

I don’t hear the heat anymore only the Bark chorale

the Butler Act is back! And better than ever!

we’ll wear heavy capes if it has to kill everyone

me with my crèche around my neck

decided to go nights for my spinning doctorate

this Formica Pollock hide is beginning to ret

I keep a separate vernacular salted

you can’t know what I’m ripping!

to recuperate set fire to a glacial shelf

Buford Pusser with his cephalic bat

these symbols mean some form is developing

between us and the hand and the toast-phone

this rare one Metatron converts to a front loader

whiteface minstrels walk backward among men

with their verses and their service marks

whomever inhibits one gets my share of the glory

I am Enoch and you are Paul Newman’s bong

and one of us will end this despotic