Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Thunder They Were

run alongside the plow.

reach under the moldboard for the missing tenet.
it will tell you all you need to know for the coming troubles.

this pattern of stops will loop until it becomes catchy.
it resembles an apple by rousseau.

there is a single letter, the first, that would alter
the yalta agreement. a moldy torpedo, a used id,
a cowpoke with inattentive adhd. relating over latte.

if three thousand screens are diffracting at once
the deodorant question becomes a form of discurrency.
the removal of shuttle busses to and from the mall.

intertwined between the curves debate and weather
in august under a system of spatially outmoded desserts.
I like the one with pieces of an active funnel cloud.

and all those congenital dorian grays with cartography
of their home worlds in attics scattered around the planet.
this was the official song leaked to the media. the truth is once
is enough, the rest is in a sudanese shed awaiting reassignment.

or so debby’s chat message said.
I don’t know, I realize, how to tell a brooklime
from a fist of cobalt powder taped in bytes to the ends
of reeds along the reservoir bank, not technically a brook at all.

in matters of water there’s nothing an old botanist can do, the dingy
is self steering. an advisor would be redundant. we have raul buried
on the island and a television to keep us informed of the frightful things
we adore. like dumpty and jennings and surreptitious cleavage.

Notice how little we offer our attention to the midsection.
this might almost be a furlough. the infrastructure of the word
infrastructure is like a ball of wax. or a can of breast of tuna, if tunas
had breasts. it eats into itself in order to find the missing letters.

kids don’t like it much. the neighbor pretends to caulk up the cracks
in the sidewalk, as if that will repair the wounded land. I was this close
to getting a part on that show on retrovision about applied alchemy
and the bums in doorways in and around fort knox. a pat answer
would be to commend the acclaimed patrolman. don’t argue.

a less exact answer would fill the crowd with dread.
fill an undeniable need. ramp up to full mach negative zero then speak
kuwaiti to allay the fears that you are too inexperienced to be that funny.
keep your database squeaky clean. like michigan clutches its cherry.
wishful cherry. late axe. idiotology aka proletariat eyesight.

any assumption at this stage is no more than an emotion
buzzer. like the hand buzzer you use on any new acquaintance
with access to nuclear jokes. your committee cosponsored the above-
mentioned martini bar at near space altitude. you based each decision
on astrology. on the back of the rover a plate says beelzebub construction.

l ate you as if you were a marvelous onion. osiris benighted the subdivision
before you could eke out your cursory gob of spit. issues involving chiaroscuro
to obscure a race driven killing. that reasoning is just choppy enough to fly.
I have the prerequisite dog. her name is absinthe. she does a good job
but my cockles are still cold. time to admit it is not a credible union.

at least we don’t have to get dressy for the ceremony of the roach. at least
we have the chemistry down. remember that cheshire whatever that meant
something to do with not meaning what you seemed? that grin cost us
a double tithe at the church of the bobbing bernice. what he is singing
about now is no more colossal than the cat he bought the flowers for.

how very redoubtably day-glo of you. you need these people in their pants
with gem studded flies kept happy and denumerable. chrome plate them
where they stand and golf. autograph their myers-briggs results.
get down with their boogie though it mangle your self image.

the nephew of osiris says everything is scratchy. it’s his way of masking
his lack of interest in you as a subject. like penmanship to a cat. like a can
of tuna with impressive rack. colette had a rig similar to this. used it as a lamp.
re: an inhospitable cpa with colorform welcome mask. the baby is cartesian

but preens like the mother to stay aloft. the numbers are more aggressive.
they convalesce without considering the sign that says dump toys here.
the baby is a rabbit in a helmet. discount the annals of the bowtie comedian.
he is the embodiment of gloss. you are the embodiment of his fever blister.

think of the dead wood in a dollar. now think of a bar. the windows are opaque.
being virtuous in no way obliges you to engage with caucasian sniggers.
think of how much admiration a derriere can arouse. now imagine one under your
pillow in each white hotel, extemporize a turtle. alternate nightly with a stork.

let me tell you what you know. you are the blastula of a pincushion.
you are a bomb’s carfare. a leach ate your babysitter and her backup whole.
tore a swastika from the national debit card.

now you are sewn into the matte, bedazzling as arson. a convex wavelength
of digits. the heart of the quintessential deodorant ghost. nothing now can
stop you from parting the sea of the concentric fears. come thump.

cars go by in oil on board. such images will line the crucifix u-store-it locker
on that gone-to-seed property. they will grind you into a lathe of robes.
perforce make pap your depreciation index.

once is enough. the ember is a comparator. the ember is a field of computers
in silly skin. as irremediable as meat to the homeowner.

when the transfer occurs the provision for alimony is tallied in cows.
you herd a riddle of dinosaur stopcocks. the hors d'oeuvres are a glut of ravens.

each tine represents a new ark. exxon in the acropolis.

(the geodesic arch laid on its side kicked in the domes till laughter pops.
a buzzard as a lapdance afterthought. a straightjacket made of oilcloth.
proof that the frontiersman had a sort of lapse. complementary transcript
and briar sandwich. over the nursery door a vixen being dressed in stone.
these your alumni, tuneful as a barbell. useful as handcuffs on boot hill.
no one remembers where they were the last time the shuttle exploded again.
dorothy dropped her foundation on sherlock. we all saw the gunshot stop.)