Thursday, July 31, 2008

People With the Places Removed

I surrender my captaincy in the Gaugeable, Ohio constabulary

this decision and the pyre of pixie stix will make one heroic climax

the ice encroachment from the arctic has been slowing

Christopher Walken is portraying the artist Prince in prison

I gabbed past security stole a glimpse of the treatment

a seedling in a forest in the umbrage of Waukegan

the story disassembles from there to fry

in a ballfield in Assuage, Pennsylvania

when one is needed a turnpike reveals itself

but subsistent is only as good as your floppy bulge

your gush and a badge weren’t a backstage pass

the chum need something for their blues

you in a bonnet of millipedes should do it

burn with your shadow doldrums in the crops

the sky after Batman was electric and full of shucks

all of the journals are piled on your deadlock

now I’m free to give your parsimony a jovial crushing

no arrest impending unless the heart of your dog seizes

but that was some skillets ago

lubed and eaten before being killed in? Banalia?

we know your nature is to glue up daybreak

with the croix de guerilla you croak of in fights

free as shipping a minimum of bane

I mailed you a fluffy stabbing pup

the boats are insatiable in a tailwind

Syria speaking may I have your ass as a cowpea?

assimilate what your table accommodates in fudge

where is my penny refund?

better pedal to the bottle reruns

I'd Like to Hang Around and No Need to Thaw the Medallion

Ever look out over a vast landscape of completely unrecognizable shapes
moving in all directions at once and think “this is not the world. This
is merely the world as a navigable circumference.”?

Ever take both kinds of advice from the same total stranger and ignore
them simultaneously just to see where it all went when the dominoes fell
from the cockpit? Ever wonder if the stranger might’ve really known you?

What would happen if the buildings all suddenly lost their outer skins
and the people inside were forced to live without anyplace to hang
their children’s lousy artwork? What if a real witch were under one
of those structures?

Can a city function as a connected series of things that come together
as a unified whole also? Or does it all have to end at the grassline
with the barons squeezing the settlers for more and more until one man rises
to the forefront?

What was wrong with that last image? Was it the fact that there was no father
figure in it? Or were you fooled by the change of place from an urban center
to the unspoiled vistas of a completely different terrain?

Does hard air make your words more brittle? Does time erode like the objects
that are eroded by it? Since olden times there has always been some person
who saw the chance to try and cover millions of acres of brush with some
porous fabric, hasn’t there?

Would you prefer to be on the top or bottom when the end of days comes
knocking on your motel door? Do you care that they are nearer than you
think? Or do you realize that this is just a method of measuring
your tolerances?

In what way would you say you go along with the crowd? Just for the free food?
Or for things that might make your feet feel good when the country is slipping
to one side? What is the name you give yourself when just you and your
gun are home?

School make you nervous? A French maid make you nervouser? Made up words
have any effect like going up and down your spine much like a French maid
might? Can you name three ways four men might serve their country by killing
five others from another?

Write one sentence again and again and again and again until you can replenish
the film stock used up in making the triumph of the will. If I say that was
a question would you dare to argue? Or let pure form have its way over what
the hard parts are there for?

The Phone Equals Green

Improve your situation by forming a cult of empathy!

The hook is half the battle. Buy the book and learn the secrets

the pros already know!

Think and speak in terms like “Flow” and “Energy” and “Freedom”.

Starting any business from the ground up can be daunting.

Today is your day! Make it work for you!

Right now someone is willing to give you $15OO just to go away.

Somewhere, as we speak, your energy flow is generating $35OO and more per week!

And even more per day!

Return some calls in your pajamas or from the tub, it’s as easy as counting

from 10 to 20!

Per day.

Share some fabricated information.

That's it.

No real work or effort or risk will be involved in your successful business.

Selling nothing to those who don’t need it is a double positive! Your energy

is flowing freely!

Further your desires before you even know what they are.

Details will arrive by email within the next thirty to forty seconds.

For your own instant sense of empathy call 8.

Keep calling, eventually you’ll know when someone is ready to answer.

Make this the Happy Holiday you’ve always wished your enemies couldn’t have!

Sleep in the shape of a letter, preferably W. Sleep with three people.

Preferably at least two of them will have names that start with the letter L.

Let yourself flow into your own energy with the emerging mind science industry.

I C U R interested.

I have to P.

I C that U fLt it.

Yr powers of MpathE R grOing already.

Put all of your money and your children into a large ba$ket.

Send the ba$ket to One One Five Two, Replaceville, California

Nine Five Six Three Nine.

A nu carEr as an Mpath with a cult of Ur own aw8s U!

Soon U will B telling me what I M doing B4 I M doing it!

Soon U will B contacted with further instructions.

Keep your mind clEr. B redE 2 move.

Freedom From Layer Disorder

There were two women with the same thing.
Neither got better. They had kids and the kids
didn’t get better either. Just slowly faded out.
It was our first priority to try to stop just the top
level from spreading. We attempted to do this
dance on the walls to distract the patients from
too much brooding over the fact that they were
seeing the bedding through themselves.

Without much success I’m afraid. But who
gets excited by that kind of display this many years
after that Lionel Ritchie video with the people
and the room and all that eighties joie de vivre?
They began to behave like trapped wild animals
looking for a way out of their cages. The medication
was for the one who kept ripping his arms on the
brackets. He would just hang there mimicking

us. It took half the staff pulling together
to finally get him down. Near the end you only knew
they were near you from the sound. Some of the more
advanced cases learned that in those final stages
you can down several gallons of plasma and look
like a blood beast with no distinct outline
sloshing around the corridors and operating
theaters. One used to dip her female parts

in the open thoracic cavities of heart patients
under anesthesia. She would vanish in less time
than it took to convince oneself she had never
been there. Once the story leaked we began
to be asked how the public should react.
As if we ourselves might know or knew
what drove the public to learn what in
what degree. Finally all we could do was hear

the end coming and try the few remaining
tricks to stop the top layer from causing more
pain than necessary as it fell away. Soon things
beneath began to change. Then once inner
strata started peeling they each in turn told us
the same cold story. They told us they had become
the missing child and the search party both.
Until those who wanted to stop being people

underwent the first tentative passes at the secret
procedure we managed to prevent any inkling
of what we were attempting from reaching
the ears or eyes of anyone who might not have
since left us as yesterday’s headline.
Say something to me said one room. Another said
does this mean I’m still me? All of my former parts
are what? Off? Just that much smaller that I can’t see

or feel them as if they were still feet or lips or fingers?
We understood that what we needed in order to show
justification to a large portion of the public was the whole
thing reduced to a simple formula. The broad strokes
and only the broad strokes. So a man was now
an elevator at the cost of the head he might have
lost in any case? It was he himself who authorized us
to do that which we eventually assigned the code

name Architecture Times Quarterly. Through a series
of ATQ experiments on terminally vanishing
patients we were able finally to successfully apply
many of the last intact and usable layers in a way
not at all dissimilar to the same procedure we had used
before to stain the feet for removal. In the end the result
as you know was not the same. The walls discolored too
quickly. The escalator with growing hair incident.

And with the press back to their interminable sniffing
we nearly took the program fully underground. Almost left
the building and burned every page in the journal
that went deeper than the surface levels. So. Fifty years
after the dye that had passed through those two women’s
systems seemingly without negative implications
and to no one’s detriment we began to see the warning
signs. That and a man who changed his mind about going

up and down. A choice which he made himself between
his conscience and that of his god. The women
were the pioneers pressing beyond the threshold
of what seemed possible. The men may too have
sacrificed themselves to the accumulation of knowledge
but men are like that and they were in a different facility
miles from ground zero. We kept the sexes separate rather
than risk any questions like why is the exterior of the middle

school sweating that way? Or why does my kitchen make
me hot? The heroes if you will of those first tentative steps
should be well remembered in history. If not for them
we might have a completely different and arguably less
effective way of addressing the problem should it ever be
necessary to re-skin any of a thousand varieties of old
and deteriorating structures. Thank you for your time
and attention. And thank you Emily for the use of your hall.

If Style Opts a Likelihood Evolves

Started to shave and saw nothing there. Couldn’t feel mirror’s surface.

Got on phone to Diane and asked if she could hear. Voice mail box full.

Stopped as usual at station for Red Bull and paper. Gates chained and padlocked.

Watched some liquid on window for what felt like hours. Never trickled.

Took sodium pentothal to check facts. Awoke to blank notebook.

Noticed being less appalled at gunnery exhibit. Thought that odd.

Played Beatles in car. No instruments or vocal audible.

Used calipers on beltline. No longer obvious glutton with pizza gut.

Tied and threw wheelchair down stairs. No mother left when it hit landing.

Tried to despoil pure view by peeing on prettiest spot. Stream cast no shadow.

No aroma from Casanova Bar and Grille. Headache from nasal strain never came.

Deafened by silence at mall. Rent-a-cart free and not sale crazy by closing.

Found rare Ankh in roped off area. Proved to be rusted church key.

Chin cleft gone in moment of intensity. Pressure of Christmas gone.

Stood before cross not burning on lawn. No fluid in lighter no pocket no pants on.

Walked to Nowadays Park zigzagging to avoid no one. Bitten by no dog.

Europe held no more touristy appeal. Sipped air through sealed straw.

Inertia lost all its draw. Blanked on lines from Sierra Madre scene.

Made more meaningless noise. Couldn’t tell difference.

Developed liking for poodles. Forgot how to play fiddle.

Looked for flunky to carry i-pod. Jaywalked but no police.

Read famous unwritten novel about no mythical gods. Spat on own grave and lived.

Glutted burger container with undigested whopper. Began to hate sports cars.

Danced polonaise with tincture of wine in nose. Lost first name of Borealis.

Put posy in lapel. Died on contact.

Invented new polymer for export to Brazil at major markup. Elmer’s worked better.

Became noted unknown practitioner of naught in particular. Spent night applauding.

Injected gram of coke zero in arm. Remained no more or less puny.

Prefab scenic drive produced no false emotion. Left bloodstone stand empty handed.

Carved world’s longest river with back of fingers. Nails never chipped.

Fought McClellan to standstill at his tomb. Sat on ground and dry wept for him.

Forgot catechism. Fever broke.

The Percentage That Wished to Associate

she was a one man imbroglio
that kid could hammer some Brahms
driving the car in a box of acrylic shitfaces
the flotsam of a base Nilla
thinks she’s the river from which whatever
convinced of her own omega vitamins
nipped here and there like a bulldog on sciences
t-bones out the gills and earlier bereft
a subtle Tyson worried about his impossibility
in a stupor position of snakes
canopy lots offered free
no spoke wheels on your claustrophobia
versatile in the kitchen as a cutting threat
even skinny she’d have had no lap
to spotlight buried herself in gamuts
billing her hair as a common hazard
then sis comes on and discharges for the gay
hayride to the bridge sunk in the port transpacific
your visit is not appreciated neither
is it cozy to put you on these ingots
a considerable boat of gravy was in the making
the shiv you got cheap uptown
bisex we mean an adjective you accept bare
faced the conman in the cow pen sated him
with a story and a puff of dullard tons
the gluts are a mine of seasonal want
and you whacked golden for her perspective gavel
a guy named Greg Aerated wants to see your tats
as devious as these pixels as half stops
we live to watch the apple become a fatal jam
in the throat of the frumpy martini some warpage
one thumb goes up to the uses of the windpipe
“I told a man once with my bare hams”
become a fixture

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Handsome Young Bottleneck

What do you say to Garth Asteroid and his pull down metal hat?

there are fields of the never filmed in your loops?

that and point out the expired copyright on his smack light

he took that badly and fired an Arab man-salvo in Sweet-n-Low flechettes

shaving his adaptive arms to the lye pits of the Jesus crevice

once drumk enumpf revealed the deleterious deals he was floating

he had long since herded like Sluggo would a dot

the unguarded shoals of the Arctic lilting tollbooth

keeping our shores bear free in a Piltdown line and rising

then to annihilate ants with a Ferris scope

and the eloquence of stupors

I see his jeans clamped to a trestle on the face of Maris Pedestal

where the give it the throttle boys then browsed a patch

better had cover your built-ins in lip balm to be safe

that ticking denotes a philanthrope

in the afternoons they affect a calligraphy pose

trying to digest all of the dunes we as deaf kids whittled to

the size of a cat-herd with the wood glue backordered

what we do in the nest is practice

when we ramble across the chart it’s serious

a blowback actor in love with a meter sheathe

there’s a teaspoon of triplet you have to drain

if it comes up black we’ll let it burn then capture its destiny

build a snow big bertha in the chill of the Persian sundog

red as a mountain of no regrets out on the town with Turgenev

he’s the kind of ruffian that befalls the damaged peeps

thus the gun stall in Six Flags Over Boot Hill and I dine with a sister

of the Ten Gallon Order but insinuate nothing more than Dodsworth

on the strain and leaking swanky

this business of the missing caviar giant baffles

but the more they scream the greater its power to exhilarate slabs

come in and let them review your breath

just saddled to go among the leases

the holding pews stuck up to Planet Blasted

with a handful of some bent nickel

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Point of Light

the point of light
the sad leave of naught
the conference of the rash
of school in shanghai
of showgirl in self-pity
less brainstorm than stabber
with poise to lightbulb
with a relative in harangue

the tidemark of botany
the pining of treadmill
of gear in anomaly
of net in the keeper
less tantalizer than a cipher
less bristle than federation
with kennel to settle
with wither in broken snowball

the dung of ceramic
the quick-witted move of facility
the neuron strand of turf
of curator in serum
of idol in featureless nick
less light-headed than pantry
with a braid to beat-up
with the foods in minefield

the witness of chicken
the yolk of a license wish
the straightaway of aspirin
of slaughtered sunken eye in phonetics
of aphrodisiac in credit
less curiousness than validation crater
less ill than recur
with telltale womanhood to the shear

the straws of whitener
the sundown of the puppeteer
of a shame in star
of rap in interior bud
less vandal than diabetic scorpion
less painfulness than fullness
with workbag to self-acting
with shoulder in lease

the bullshit of logistician
the marksman of the skylight
the saccharine of discoverer
of extension in a key trait
less easter than cut
less greengrocer than bearded jingo
with measurably letdown time to slipcover
with covenant of rust in belt

the subcontract of plumbago
the ambrosia of sideswipe
the visa of accordion
of today in of today
less shark than directory
less a mosquito than snake drama
less solvency than pollen
with foraging to the positivist

the apologize of the razor
the basin of interval
the chill of a jadeite
of flatfoot in vacuum
less plagiarism than nymphomaniac
less party color than mortuary
with knuckle to investiture
with imagery in hoods

Looked a Bit. Did Not Find. Left.

so they’re boring and heavily engineered

the least you can do is be a civil

servant and serve them their fine bait fare

with a smile pulled down like a nut to punch

from the hutch in Sondheim’s neck

he’s a takeoff rooftop

as seen on every a-type shack

the cumulous effect of all that snapping

turned a mess hall out of his enterics

Cindy Crowfoot burly in person

made so many braves capsize their Bradley’s

like Caroline forgot to salute

that’s a naturally pathetic dreamer

the will to meditate till the heart is the IED

Natalie slices the air into threes

they all toot and drive their hair to extremes

I’m ten clicks away and getting lanker

by the infirm and my perusal of their excelsior

I can see Olive done by the vines

Dylan singing to Sarah spelled Mercury

Roosevelt James Prince Admiral in a can

you and your comic books amplify the lame

and a hut sprouts from this flagged dinosaur egg

in my chest we are isochronous and content

Cecile unshackled and handed me a classic war story

the custodian of the Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry

off ramp rest area slots

it’s all just a musical cofactor of Goldwater and his Motorola

drunk and barely bellicose as a commoner

the place is overrun with makeshift centaurs

now you be the bushmaster and let her play recombinant

when the sky is felled by a capaciousness of exhalant

that’s the beehive on candid camera killing forward

from the coldest part of the elder headsmen

that new law about car bombs you have to hydrate more

the Hmong don’t want portable electrocities

neither do these firing pins

so sit down and open your arm

we loved each other now the treads are separated

(something was obliterated like a church)

these are the only cards left in your fanbelt

to grandma’s Alabama with a fresh convict escort

cut to the quick to contend with it directly

when it hit they were singing Gloria

laughing about that asparagus and cum thing

Monday, July 28, 2008

Was This Devilry

<>HTML<><>HEAD<><>TITLE<>Was This Devilry<>/TITLE<>
<>META http-equiv=Contempt for your Type of content="text”<>/html<>

<>“charred on a standing set=windows onto a patio"<>
<>META content="My Son Has Told Me Little”
" name=GENERATOR<> <>STYLE<>no style<>/STYLE<>
he wants her to give him head<>/HEAD<> <>slap<>

<>BODY<>he doesn’t recognize her as a celestial body with a bg Color=#ffffff<>
<>font color="white"<>
<>Did your mouth become a fountain
of mothballs? Of wiremen
riding their T-bars from the reach-
That RCA dog and his scatter-
brained board. Metal that music
erodes. Everyone skinny only you
chose to approximate the pelt
of a cured ham. Your briar patch
is beatnik bushy.<>BODY<>
<>/slap<> <>/font<>

<>SUBTITLE<>Appomattox on Twenty Dollars a Tank<>br<>

<>Do you ever think about me that way?<>/abstractor<>
<>It isn't M again, is it?<>/laudanum<>
Swiss thimbles made from the glass that forms on your tongue.<>/styli<>
He loved you almost as if you had been alive.<>/cyst<>
A slow boat of nothing but corrugated veins.<>/Seine<>
Out West With the Hardly’s<>mort d’arthurian hideout<>/Lolly<>
gagged in the hatcheck of the sun.<>/ra<>

<>/mark of something that never started stopping<><>/breath<>

<>snoring<>testicles for breakfast<>/clatter<>
<>VERSE<>In His Head it Worked<>/CHAPTER<>
<>radioactive inches<> May I, just this far?<>/radiogram from Switzerland<>

<>Movie trailer about three men and a French battalion of babysitters.<>/mélange<>
eat now!<>/act<>/pale<>bredth<>

<>font color="empty"<>

What can you see downstream to equip?
Would a minibike be light enough not to sink?
Is this question a form of ruse or international
business conference on the diva who lent her chiffon
to the sod poor in one of those third places?
Baldy coldly lit his crania,
all you’ll ever get for being European.
Gutenberg liked putting churchwomen
in his private syntax preserve.
Tableaux make me giggle. But I can summate
Christ like it had been a prerequisite
to my going permanently translucent.
The creosote dashboard lacked a heads up
display. A simple Quantico that way would do.
The swan is nonessential. The woodwind could
be aired out. You couldn't be this tweedy a piece
and not be wise to the desires of those who knit
ball warmers in an attempt to charm you. Hers
was a burning need to approve of Isaiah’s mission
to hang a clandestine veil on anything bouncy. She
enjoyed the idea of six large black men.


Leave the Nine Behind Till Five

Whose odd shaped smart bicycle

Is thinking the time

That the more well-crafted the sloppy wine

The finer the runs

Her daughter’s green mouse smiles

His brother’s stupid printer makes sound

His brother’s round

Round and golden an omnipresence

an umbrella that smells

Their stupid printer smiles

Their stupid odd shaped whites

Hairy white bicycle spits

His little Sony got an idea

Our children can be noisy or beautiful

But only the bra stares

The shining tail of the slope silver

Mobile phone snores

Or maybe their stupid glove adheres

Her daughters are soft not white bluish opaque

Sneers and still the well fails and the craft sinks

And the red printer falls

Any given sliver of pencil shows its value

Any smart pencil gets expensive

Impact measured in fidgeting at the place

That his tell-all will was redrafted

In bed he got an idea as a beautiful table

No reasons and perhaps his heavy paper

Sets the miles’ excuses

A bottle is on fire or the car

Her soft omelet presents a problem

Run at the place that mine is shining

Your mp3 player a spoon

A red scented magazine calculates

That cat is thinking

Our picture looks around

A true gift is white and a Sony

The falls take a smart barrel

A green baby stills his tigers

On a golden carpet run

A disarmingly beautiful gun store

Any noisy computer shows its value

Any round-shaped underwear sleeps

Mine is white as a sofa stinks

And whose little soft bottle fidgeting

Is at the place that our beautiful baby smiles

His small eraser sleeps

Our red glasses our stands-still

At the place that a fancy Sony lies

A white computer spits pencils

Her green carpet is angry

While whose slippery fancy bubble

Makes beautiful glasses of the air

The cat can calculate

Our fancy door stares

His golden bluish silver small computer

Got an idea

Any given fancy bed is thinking

A gift of a soft small baby looks around

His brother's white odd shaped claw smells

A purple odd shaped oddity

A purple shaped balloon sleeps

Or her red glove smells his expensive door

And the cart calms it down.

When Did You Add the Info But Put Away Your Bodily Fathead?

I couldn’t think of the right
word, couldn’t think
of a way to not sound
like I was saying no thanks
when what I meant was no
thank you till you die
for my amusement.
So I sent this note and wrote
it later. Years passed without
an answer. They seemed a little
like me giving an endless lasso lesson
to way too tightly wound clowns.
I thought of you my father
and the room where he missed
the chance to have spent you
on a pack of Viceroys.

So this is how you move people?
Within the nasal limits?
Whomever did the city planning
had their hands full of helpers
of the kind you see at work farms.
Home is no longer an old head
after the rain dries.
Were it not that you’ve got this
plastic brain thing under
development I’d say we were
upside down and headed
for a no show. Leaning
on the everlasting armaments
called herd together stay under
cover and still the pace
of your audible lives. Oh ye

of the disproportionately tiny
ears the mini-in-holes pretending
not to receive your sentence.
Wormwood. Leopardwood.
Tulipwood. Zebrawood.
Burled Walnut. Spalted Olive.
What’s the point? Can’t you
stop your niggling and call
them by their right names?
Randy Collagen and his
Orchestra of Tight Stitches.
Like the Beatles when they said
the things we said today.
Therapy we pay through
the broken teeth for alleys
we use to shave seconds off

our burning handiwipes.
You know the nomenclature
of the help before you fire them.
Farther into the room the help
use a slightly different camouflage.
Pray you never need that book.
History would not be your friend.
David slew his stop motion
nemesis with cherries in the shape
of cherry bombs. That’s the sinking
the world we come from has come to
as we empty our heads in the ice.
The minister told the air to get less
hard then after a few minutes
decided he liked the challenge.
Do many whole toads try to crawl back

toward the light in your mouth once
the kiss becomes a swallow?
Shards are like sharks but for one
small but essential difference.
I am like a shard because things
are hard these days and the lean I
need less food than the fattish we
together does. I told it better
when I was drunk the first time
in the back of the converted hearse.
Barbie’s Malibu Dream Hearse.
Now that was a reverse cowgirl.
I still have the original box.
You left it untouched on the closet shelf.
If you see Jodie Foster tell her I said
her head has an apology coming.

Dear Cancer of the Cellular Connection,

I had a great time at your operation. Hope you’re up and around
and sucking soon. Inside someone’s circle soon like those people
you knew who told you you were a great dancer.

Colon Fucksworthy

p.s. This would have resonated more clearly had I rolled it all into a rock
hard tube and stuffed it up a daisy. Maybe.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Swear I Knew It All Along and Something Told Me Better Do It

Little extensions get your hair over
homophobia We cross the Sawtooth

and the Monongahela without ceiling

Our fate is celled a cross and a telltale

crossing flasher Some very one-sided

chin gets longer as things begin to point up

Our feet start sounding wet with sky

We fall and shiver and ply our various

hereditary traits on diffident parts

of the hypnotized body of Emmanuelle

Beart then as so often happens I awaken

to the swirling of the asteroid playpen

My mother says there could be strays

Constructs penetrating way up in doomed

space I think she meant to Rome in spring

or Cove of the Medusas An aura of projectiles

assays the role of Gomer’s smile I had my eye in

my hand the entire lifetime he stood

perfectly still auditioning Words mean

the upper floors are collapsing the sky is soon

entirely ours for the asking And I told it

now this will have to hold you until next

we collide in the same reading

Enough talk I went to do a paper called

every name that has ever been issued

to prisoners in those two dimensioned plates

We eat here so don’t go dipping your wick

in the dew of the hurricane ‘round the sun

dial Four years to get to the edge of reason

I thought we’d be within sight of Pluto

and one hand left to point backward at

the days before we leapt off the trunkline

With Mom here I can think clearly

about what I want between meals

and what that ellipsis is doing

on the edge of the head shaped star factory

That field we played out before we moved

with burning baseballs as symbols of eternity

in a returning copper age May you stay below

the weather and enjoy an unobstructed seat

for the air show contained in your nose

cone I could hear what it was like to be alive

all those eons ago So vividly dividing

so many tangling things to arrive at

As the cylinders pass to the deeper layer

beyond this shivering I think about songs

my Grandfather knew and realize

there were only three that had anything

remotely to do with how hard it must have been

Running alongside the boats Shipping without

a calling or heeding some urgency for night

to give him up to a vertical land Here I see

a being The father of all the uncreated

animals This picture moves like a sheet of pure

lubricant thrown into the air Clear and lured

in all directions as it expands to soften

the sun I just brought into being

We move now we’re done

Hell is so silly I see it clearly from the vectors

of the all encompassing window through

which we’re continuously plunged Their

ways are within them and within the sweep

of the severed body of Isabelle Adjani

making a common length day recede

into a diminishing focal length much larger

than all these unprocurable measures

Light is what we do We glide old and unneeded

As essential as the satchel sized cosmos

just rupturing our outer shell The hull

has been breached and just as important

is what you heard before your favorite kiss

That once set upon the page will only be seen

by the maid who sweeps the next new sea

One’s Head From Under The Horses

dense with the coats of the caramel umbrellas

a duck can see that erasable landscape crease

to soften a shipyard to total bread

count your only root

I’ll make you a bet it imputes a thread

melancholy Freesia eats in a crippled pendant

that’s how the moptops evicted Commissioner Gordon

the terror was only a dog at Falling Water

performing the sleight of redaction address

being crazy about verbena

in her suction cunts

that references nothing about your burial benefits

just wave to the front and the offenses become trances

it’s a special new circuitry to pop your pent up cataclysm

the day will come when we all die of a squib

the stores to keep my Mac to roll

in the dance hall of a molecular tick

the natives love to let you see them famished

and pertaining to a russet stream

Tim is now an immortal mall

speaking of velour hides

a long deep poke of stealth

Swiss at the liquor edge cornice

over the majority saloon

you cannot but sharpen that gloat

indexed in the natural trout

I fell in a field of success

Conning towers at grave depth

you can be Supersedeman on the USS Errant Mosque

do AM drive for the POW’s beneath

an arrow fell and became the root the gumdrop

that balls up the meteoric slam

or am I quibbling to the tabernacle?

have you met Eddie Bracken the hero of Iran?

car dealers and a flock of looping cracked bat singles

there’s your conspirator up in Alberta!

call this a craze you secular cufflink on toast

a Mafeking of the keyword gallows

if this emboldens you to count yourself warden

the church lite is now in beta

guileless as a lemon shill

deafened to shepherd the panther

The Cradle Kicks And He, Accompanied

they cram and they cram and they cram

they follow the rule and have three identical profiles

one felicitous and obviously evil

one that they show to bushmen to steal their cattle

one that means I have an edge but I am wise enough

to donate my less used leg to the jamboree

knowing that I will make a late withdrawal

and the reich I sew for will not survive on only garlic

the rod and the staff are rainbow friendly

watch where they flick their relative ash

that man he’s a flaming homeopath

I’ve had a songful of spoonful by whites

and I’m one with relative ease

but to appreciate a ledge you must jump then turn

and see how it resembles a farm at dawn

with all the same fissure issues

and the broken hasp that let you blaspheme

a pitiful orchestra chokes

not nearly stoned enough on revereware

the coating and this injection will make you roar

call it in the air

then lock down the aurora

tee time for all your exes genius

a little hand holding could have averted

a runaway troika it has only its holography

and a cranberry under the mattress

picking through the soot of credits and assignation

are you as confused as your civilians?

a shadow of the showdown between

those human ishmaels

Order #0404

the horizon line of smoking trees has darvocet in it

cuttings for transplant will bear egg resemblance

and eons from now the children will thank us

with skin kicks and the now accepted sex practice

of numbing a stranger at the footnotes

thought it was a life of pure desperado

Alcoa fixed all that like the sky

puckering the bowl the marbles repel

rechristening her stinky what was it

about Barbara Bain? She slept with Cinnamon

in the mouth of a trundle before the fog

your congressperson’s apologia curdles milk

this is not a test of the rag or bottle or fossil product

it speaks to the eternal via one of those drive-in screams

elemental as the burst lodestone that commands men

with a hold on the real man in the droplet

sixty brushes per hair is her secret and asterisks

on the Admiral Benbow situation room knob

the word we is a form of rank disunity

proffered to the bugs who inherit us

your ligature is what makes you clattery minced

as meat as big a brute as the bear of your tribal dreams

breadfruit and worsted to cover your finite ball collection

we’ve overstayed our welcome

with a whoop and a flooding aura

if you flip out now you’ll lose your plaque

coke cans for the king of all antennae

let’s name him Zeus

put him on a leash

see if a cute one looks

Varenukha Stepped Him Back To It

once on the limit of what lay bare
a spoonful seemed like a whole brain
lines of their perpendiculars
the mail contest to demystify email on arrival
it surrounds a vacuum how is that an answer?
all you need to know is Pam Anderson
this birthright thing is over amped
she came eightfold and developed hot bronchitis
he sold her afghan on ebay
now the sphere of influence is a butt archive
indexed circumstance overrides burning barn coincidence
at the third report that got them all agnostic
the man with the umbrella eating his Trix
in countless comparative ignorances of the soul
how did James Brown survive the Christian Chairmen?
bony and it could have been all of them at once or you
the whelp that made collar malfunction cool
we missed the barnstorming collapse
the tall ships of the tendon
if it wasn't the Bandwagon it was the rain dance
tomorrow you’ll major in burrowing
stiffen your augmentation with a rock hand
one derelict sunk more or less is acceptable laziness
there are queers in this place!
as if she could dress to be perfectly continuous
accentuate the weirdness with a kind of plate stripping
I dreamed of the cowboy at her bedside never closer
but that slow intersection was a natural law
break with the script and you forfeit your capstans
the comb in his pocket is lost
subversive as junk from a fictive rag
these us events are holding hostages saying aloha
to the apple in the ton of shit
I saw myself on a phenomenal trip
with pink Christmas wounds
Ian McKellen can play the unaccounted for rounds
on the day we reenact the zap of the zoomatic eight
to name the stoolie of the major soap disposal
and his unconfirmed Neapolitan conjoint

Increase Your Current Until Yesterday Slows Everyone

open contacts in the tower

evil turned madness on

itself a connection directly

the light came on twice

in a corner the leader prayed

he thought it must be pretty

the measure of a concussive success

this is unusually free of commas

the arches of the shrapnel lonely

then a neighboring family takes damage

if that proves to be all you take lucky

there was once a time you could tell

it lasted as long as this stick in the windstorm

and the end came when it was painful enough to

but first this world from your sponsor

is that all they can do with a leg and no boy?

post a description in the local registry

I want one less he said too!

now the whole menagerie is angry

but what can you see that’s absent

in the heart of the kitchen cold

it was more than the free bird in the pan

there were quiet moments and glass

so you pray and that’s the emptying vocal

placed back in the mix

with no regard they flew into the closed door

and he replied with a blueprint for the ford

there is no more planning

to miss the accident you must crash

into the accident as it’s happening

and be black either way

begin by bawling noisy

in the cell next to your neighbor

he’s your uncle and who put you here

in the putting he ousted an idea

and wasn’t that the idea of the female?

the being that brought this building spurt

could you bear to hear a triangle never stop?

the love scene is set in a freezer factory

but no one is ready to be loved into

and that takes it to last call

if you are the one who ordered a mistress

you must present your edge for admittance

and curb your excitement like you do your rat

there is opportunity in being had

otherwise who would

taking an indifferent position on the dead

it’s a particular method of criticism

and the lines drain out finally

I have no direction but to unlock your fruits

and having passed stations with prices in nails

there remained no independent race course

does that make you feel lucky?

the object you replaced your pillow with

should you find yourself facing a mob at noon

just say anyway and blow them down

like a dog with the fingers

and to whom it may concern you’re all removed

it makes zero difference to me whether you’re high

or choose to let me make you die in art

I’ll have a head for every one

and everyone I know will be safe from information

at least until Thursday when I have to call MARVIN

hold perfectly still and you’re still somehow imperfect

it’s getting to that point the boring is robbing me of my trip

and the event you say you’ll shoot

if no one else does is not hanging on the numbers

the second round will you save it and if so for which of you?

the time to divvy is coming

maybe not today but definitely


Tied Securely in the Basement of This Hildegard

there once was a limerick without a hand in its pants
it took several very strong women to lift it
I went home and looked for more
remembered there hadn’t been an answer to my ad

but someone had been there
the noise was still resonating in the pantry
I said who threw the maraschino cherries across the room?
nothing but a barely audible other than you and your fear?

that little bridge would take a lot of air to inflate
we could give it to another country we could call it a city elect a mayor
and after that it would be his problem
but we’d face the same situation again in the august primary faults

I collect plastered doves also
does anyone have an alien relic of something dovelike?
I’ve been looking for the last few thousand days
haven’t gotten as far as the plumbing school across the parking lot

maybe if you stopped following everything you say
and told him his picture took a long time to look like a father
what if you thought of more food?
might make a good show on the stage at Horst Buchholz Memorial Gardens

I’d heard that sometimes something made of water could become made of land
but it seemed to be below my bland level to write
should it have been me rather than the city to answer?
with your shoulder on my tear stained paper

the echo in the fridge said I’d make a wonderful father
as long as I stayed white and never said something penetrating on the air
I could dig a well and tell it what time to dry up once we establish the need
but when that might be will determine the whole father thing should it happen

before there was a science specific to this letter there was only the chance
for a man to know himself as well as he knew his days off
man alive those teeth are spectacular!
I can see it now in a picture in my mind with a very white candle

now I know we will be together always and that we will lose our speech
because being with you has been like a gift sent from the other side of the science
this one with the illustrations and the clarity about the bomb
and that quote today is more than it means if you view it without the light on

now the land in the rhyme has gone fallow and that’s good
you can only get out of something what it does not want to be gotten out of
I tell you this only to keep us moving along and to say that a new and better end
is about two feet behind you

then they all read the funnies and were several hundred miles from fucking
I think that means we’re there
at least I thought so until the thing ended with the women in cuffs
I could have ended almost as naked with almost as little lost

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Surprise Would Simply Do So

Captain Bryant is a microcosm of the inexplicit

he derides what he can’t understand

anything murderous considers a slamdunk

a woman what they used to call a lay

up in the hills of angora

he surfed with Beau Bridges and a blind dog

once confided that he slurred when he walked

it’s very long since a slum worked

to convey the atmosphere of another world

from whom do we benefit in a new spaceage?

that divorcee with the rattling scabs?

I was prone to think of bats

how they burst when they hit the electric fence

and the smell you can’t describe

then I’d remember splashy Beau and his Speedo armor

the completion of a scholar

that was the day I became asexual being

the number of the architect of Coventry garbage

now I live in replica devotion

to a pair of knee socks called Colette