Thursday, July 31, 2008

People With the Places Removed

I surrender my captaincy in the Gaugeable, Ohio constabulary

this decision and the pyre of pixie stix will make one heroic climax

the ice encroachment from the arctic has been slowing

Christopher Walken is portraying the artist Prince in prison

I gabbed past security stole a glimpse of the treatment

a seedling in a forest in the umbrage of Waukegan

the story disassembles from there to fry

in a ballfield in Assuage, Pennsylvania

when one is needed a turnpike reveals itself

but subsistent is only as good as your floppy bulge

your gush and a badge weren’t a backstage pass

the chum need something for their blues

you in a bonnet of millipedes should do it

burn with your shadow doldrums in the crops

the sky after Batman was electric and full of shucks

all of the journals are piled on your deadlock

now I’m free to give your parsimony a jovial crushing

no arrest impending unless the heart of your dog seizes

but that was some skillets ago

lubed and eaten before being killed in? Banalia?

we know your nature is to glue up daybreak

with the croix de guerilla you croak of in fights

free as shipping a minimum of bane

I mailed you a fluffy stabbing pup

the boats are insatiable in a tailwind

Syria speaking may I have your ass as a cowpea?

assimilate what your table accommodates in fudge

where is my penny refund?

better pedal to the bottle reruns