Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preemptive Flashes in the Tents I

it felt like he’d been stabbed but the good kind

kept mumbling something about azure timeframes

like a period could be tinted or a comma get winded

wound up level with the seats of the stratocoaster

it has the buzz of a winging the outline kid said

shouts over the dibs and all these basic vents foursquare

apple blossom season! it’s back and no longer terminal

a vineyard of cycles indelible events

bitten again in the central bylaws

issues streamers on full tilt blowout sweet!

food for the packer with double cup

stuff and the insulator coffeehouse on diatribunal stilts

these theses think me into their iron first-begot

but an appetizer for Corazon the Clown Slaughterer?

or merely the nut in the amigo ward

with Beaver the raisins and the twin cleric fishers

I can climb two cathedrals blind

or build one from the Catalan shortwaves

in your other opener mind stage

this rock is as hard a place as custard

standing with honor as the thunder rose the dust

he said sure this is hard but nothing like prying

the eon hand from the cosigner of a meteoric clockface