Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time is a Hole in TIme

ragged as the ingots
of the fisherman elite
as are his shears the fisherman
one bald
no label
declared unfit for head
when the klan had gameface
enough of hammer
to print
to get red
stamped up a crowd of smoke to
give a leech his senses dullness
cleats of speech and tips
on form
one a lord
of the patterning made lightning
clear channel plays trap dumps
prop brutuses sold as is
to the crude
a word to the seasonal drubs
you’ll be blamed by your corpse
these logo ties are by unifraid
thus fucked
as a raise
the making is in the one that’s a big
anoint the model number
say amplitard when you want your own
bossed lunch
how’d he land in here?
driven to the middle of an hour
every minute and batter
to taste
some noose feed
they’re stippling wagons
in those converse shades again
and again with its endurance
like a boat
membership has its navigator
Arid Hump and personal van
he numbers eggs by dating treason
cups of room
they mean spirit but take off
for a shore of tiny animal pots
the researchers come in their coats
and the
all the time
the picnic already
there was always not knowing a tree
the only wave the other tube holding
in step
up a boot