Saturday, April 16, 2011

Body and Highlights

they say he said he was canada’s

angel of death when I saw him

he was wearing black boots and coat

and he had a retarded haircut

the mayor was here she said

in the wake of these tragic events

we will never again be able to take

a retarded haircut for granted

I was sitting in study hall doing

my hair when he came in

the eyes were just empty and he

kept walking shooting almost as if

his haircut were retarded

our teacher ran in then went

out again then came back in

and said there was something

retarded about his haircut

we all started running from

the sound of gunfire and

the retarded way his hair

had been cut and the screaming

there was blood everywhere

you looked and my friend

got shot and I had to drag her

to the salon I heard they found

his web site full of pictures

of guns and knives and

retarded hair and death threats

to the people he thought had

given him a retarded haircut

and when it was over somebody

was dead and probably more

will die in intensive care

and the guy got shot by cops

I caught it on my cell cam but

there was all this blood so you

could only see a little part of

a retarded haircut and they were all

wearing these hats