Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Impediment of the Keys

I only would’ve needed about ten dollars a day (for me)
trying to buttress that (power)
smiling and laughing
as the walking thirties movie
if I can get them to roar he’ll go to war (with me)
negotiations and an agreement
suddenly that division has emptied out (a bit)
ducking, slipping
trying to keep him in jail
you can’t walk off the island
you have to hit your way off (the island)
he’s using that fuel right now
volume versus power, volume is winning
there are no dimes or nickels or instructions
he’s a duracell (battery)
an african version of charles dickens
like a baited bull
but the bull has impressed me
we’ve seen that philosophical (divide before)
of course there is psychology in it
and that’s easier
the answer is he just doesn’t want to sit
(if power doesn’t land it ain’t power)
only live, and you don’t know how (it’s going to end)
then everybody’s eyes lit up
eventually a storm of gnats
will wear you down
like a gumby
(looking for new friends)