Saturday, February 21, 2009

They All Look Like Clerf Glock in the Dark

Enjoy the feeling of the every day
and the doing of the thing
from time to time,
without surrendering
stress for the body and the mind
going haywire,
and a post-mortem look
at how well you achieved some sound
may be the easiest way
to pick up the check without paying
a portion of your heavenly wealth
or damaging your amplitude
as a status.

Is it you or not you? She
wanders in at unhappy hour
lugging a dried up old typescript
of feathers, you, as angry as you
make the birds, forget the money
in so many frantic digits
it had gotten to the degree
where he made less than he owed
to me to tell him what not
to blow in his rent on.
he considered an equivalency
test in skiing. They shouted
and threw him down

the Matterhorn into Cervinia
like a human snowball, with thorns.
Joe Papoose and I agreed that
whatever that meant, say
a symbol for the collapse
of the buffalo nickel
or driving too far to buy
a map, it could actually be
the state of the union
of these two pigs. Respect
the uniform, the rest will
come out, like pox,
against the whispering rocks.

Resist and risk a second season
of Surmiser: Israel.