Monday, August 15, 2011


"A true hotrodder wouldn't be content
until he had created a car so violent,
so hairy, so totally sick that the very
act of dropping the hammer would
result in instant death. Anything less
results in the need to go faster."

~ Tony DeFeo

I am a very communicative person.
That is my hobby. But sometimes I think.
What about you, are you a communicative
person? I communicate myself.

At what age did we stop talking in pictures?
When did we start to just write instead of
communicate? Why is the airbag light on
in my car?

What are you communicating?
Do you have healthcare? I don’t care
about healthcare, what I care deeply about
is this issue of the heavyweight division rankings.

I like to live with nature
at a distance where I can keep it
from doing anything jerky that might frighten off
my precious flights of free time.

I like to traverse the spaces between
your total ignorance
(doesn’t ignorance = hate?)
and my pumpkin orange beanbag chair.

l married my childhood
relaxation therapist
and he laid there for two hours hyperventilating.

I said it was love, the real thing,
on a sinking ship with one lifeboat too few,
the word sabotage never came up.

I’ve never minded falling in love,
my only objection is the fact that
I had to repaint the terrace, twice.

I have been getting divorced
for nearly thirty six years now.
I think it's time to find a person
to have a relationship for me.

I have a body and soul connection
you’re more than welcome to
burrow into and remain hidden from predators
on alternate weekends through Labor Day.

I smoke
as a rule.
I was born with an extra
thumbnail generator.

I work as a book keeper,
mid-century room divider,
it’s very scary when you compare it
to being paired off with a ghost.

I was with an auto mechanic for six months
when the damn thing just went VROOM!
That had me doing the dance!
I’m highly adaptable company.

We were talking about movies that make no sense.
Why in Brazil there was nothing about Brazil?
I love movies that make me think
about Brazil.

And suddenly I find myself
having to say I’m from Brazil!
In Brazil we practice new sports
medicine techniques on our elderly.

I try to run almost every day
like a bitch on heat.
I’m in good shape and just looking
to have a healthy and long life together
role-playing as a strategy that fits within
the social family of models.
I really like my job
detailing how people feel about their jobs,
characterized by bending forward,
raising the knees and extending the hands.

The eye is like a backward window,
they say the smile is the window to the heart,
the leaning suggests a certain reluctance,
a finely tuned and toned body and symmetrical
vantage point on the body from above and to the west.

They say I'm elegant.
I looked out the window yesterday.

God I can’t wait for the spring,
God I can’t wait for the summer,
God I can’t wait for the summer to end,
God I can’t wait for the fall,
God I can’t wait for this winter to be over.

I am 40 years old with dreams of a girl
permeating my nostrils,
permeating my consciousness,
permeating my mind.
With this said, I am also convinced
we can know the season
when having it all becomes too much,
by its mottled, exfoliating bark.

My best friend is a cashier at Dollar Tree.
My bird is trying to mate with his toy?
I heard this big crack and I thought “Oh God,
Don’t let it be that 400 year old tree!”
The concept of a bird family has no universal definition.

I believe that family and friends
believe in freedom of expression;
I believe that family and friends
can destroy one another.
I live in constant pursuit of images,
powerful images of leaving friends and family.
Images of birds in flight.

Why does it feel like I haven’t known you
my entire life? Are you that same man?
At the first of the two demonstrations
of his affection, there was something else
just under the surface, a kind of tension,
a call for more firepower in a combat zone.
Without thinking about it, it just sort of became
a nation of whiners, some sort of tattoo design.

Someone was telling a story about their pets
then everyone started telling pet stories.
When we took him to the vet he was almost already gone.

Since I turned twenty one I live fully in the present, but
I’ll never forget those trips to the factory.
Raw, voluminous American imagination.
I have high expectations of the future.
That’s where I’m going to have left my watch.