Thursday, July 14, 2011


In this case you are not represented by the brick.

the architect takes the shape of a creature, one
of my birthing hips, say, then drinks heavily and mourns
his lost opportunities as a pawn of the administration.

In the morning a building has appeared. Municipal building,
bureau of statistics, vegan juice bar, structures of enduring
use and importance are brought into being in the shadow
of a mylar kite in the shape of a fantastic creature, my other hip.

I saw this movie once where the guy said something and then
we left and the following decade is a complete blank.
A lot of fear, I assume, and erections having little to do
with the openness and trust of a two year old who’s already
totally screwed.

I won’t stand over you. I won’t make you uncomfortable.
I’ll just make more mistakes. I’ll keep making mistakes
until you give me something I can waste in a small inelegant
structure. Pure function. No release. A hose.

So…I scared you with my sweetness and utter lack of guile
and my perfectly rendered copy of Fragonard’s Happy Accidents
of the Swing. The man in the bushes is me, the husband blind
to the man is me, the cupid observing a separate scene involving
a kiss on the infield of a demolition derby in the next meadow
over is me. We are, each of us, unaware of the other. We are
also unaware of you. The man will pretend to admire your pussy,
your shoe will strike the cupid in the eye and blind him, the cherubs
behind you will catch the swing causing you to fall and be rendered
lame, like a perfectly copied painting of a bucolic scene at dusk.
Only the husband, already dead, will survive.

(The grandstand structure was designed by the firm of Barren, Risk and
Autogiro, Architects.)

The grand prize was won by a 1957 Chrysler Imperial driven by Don Basile
or possibly Larry Mendelsohn. The fire rendered any positive identification
impossible. Pinky Tuscadero was called in as an expert consultant but was
herself, coincidentally, killed on the same day in a swing accident. Police
questioned several fireflies, a duck with mild apnea, and the artist Gabriel
Francois Doyen. No one was charged, all were released and the helicopter
revolutionized modern aviation and modern warfare.

The brick represented the serum. Nothing a week in the country can’t unfix.