Sunday, June 5, 2011


My Dream Malignancy

I love this country of mines,
from Mars to the Oglala
burial tree in my den.
We built the addition around it
and our collection of rare
constrictor skins, a life in there,
then he left me for a moron
with a calendar.

I see Josh Hartnett in everything,
it’s nice.

Love means Cramping with a capital C,
hiking up my hazmats, or just chewing
the cud at my own deliberate pace.

Leaving the pick-up on idle.

Voting something lefty down
then drinking and drinking
on it until I’m sighted.
Still not sure where I left
the white cane last night.

I’m way okay with high romance!
Downloading each other by the fire
while watching the stars come off.

Dancing in the blood.

My Dream Mangling

Draining a fox for a special romantical treat.

It’s that romance that I’m after, like
three year old trotters in the kitchen.

You can polish me up and take me.
None of the neighbor kids will mind
they’re very good about sharing.

I have words I don’t like, like
dichotomies, something I heard
in the family crypt.

I have my dreams. See?
The room to brand my love
on his hands and needles
in my little girls.

My Drum Circle (in the woods)

I don’t want to go on a plane
or dragged and stoned like the women
on my Dad’s side. Give me something
natural, I think of myself as an invitation,
A slow death in the bedroom, I am like
romaine and iceberg in one leaf.

I been saving up an antic to kill the right man.
And show him my things in the arc light.

Canada isn’t far, we’ll make love after you’re
finished rattling, caress you and hold your picture
ID against my beating dumbbell.

My Drum Circle (in the town)

I spike the simple things in life,
elks in long sites, drives up the cannon
tooling, tacking the lamp patterns in place.
I know a road less ravaged by kids.
we’ll go down it just to see where it goes down.
I am coking up for the special someone
who can’t live once he’s met me.
I know somewhere out there is a tautness
I can't live without, it’s him I’m locating,
locking the roof rack, for that last first kiss.

What I’m doodling with my knife

I am in a human salad right now
and I biodesign hybrid kitten/centaurs.
The horses are too well trained,
never enough to keep me chill.

Baking a cake of my puppy.

Cakes I’m Currently Eating

I am happening as we speak!
Are we speaking? Can we now?
You love to laugh and we will
talk about that, believe me.

I’m still good friends with Andy.
Andy always makes me smile.
Andy says you should smile more, it is
the widow to gnaw your soul.

Light me a match to guide my claw
hammer. I can see what I am here for,
and it looks golden from where I’m
taking a smoke. If I strike something
soft before dawn I promise to go
halfsies with your chosen charity.

I’m Digging For

Framing wire
Ankle irons
Loose casings
Anything too glistening
Cuz I’d like you to meet your new BFF’s